PharmaSeek Turns 25 - A Letter From the CEO

The year 2019 is officially PharmaSeek’s 25th Anniversary! Over the past quarter century, the company has seen incredible success, and this time period has given us the opportunity to firmly establish ourselves as experts in the clinical research industry. We’re confident that we can remain leaders in the industry and continue to push quality services. Keep reading to learn about our journey; from where we’ve been, to where we know we can go.

The company was founded in 1994, and early on, we operated as a “lifestyle” business. In that period of time between 2002 and 2009, PharmaSeek was staffed with no more than six full-time employees. Although the business was small, it was staffed by a few hardworking individuals who stayed committed to our goals. In early 2009, the company had five employees, four of whom are still with this company to this day. At that time, our primary business function was study identification for clinical research sites, but the company soon began to see tremendous growth and what we see today began to take shape. PharmaSeek began launching and acquiring new business lines and since that time, we have leveraged our existing expertise and branched out into other parts of clinical research administration.

In early 2010, PharmaSeek began a period of rapid expansion, first by acquiring what is now PFS Clinical, and then launching PatientWise shortly thereafter. Now called PharmaSeek Companies, the business has continued with this same growth strategy over the years by expanding and enhancing each business’ service offerings and through that, has seen great success.

This year is a notable milestone for us, and we are thankful to have been able to make it this far already. Given our current growth prospects, it is fair to say that we expect to be around for quite some time.

- Nicolas Cindric

Chief Executive Officer, PharmaSeek Companies