Protocol Cost Savings Analysis

Protocol Cost Savings Analysis (PCSA) is a comprehensive review of the clinical procedures in a protocol, focusing on determining billable items under the Medicare Clinical Trial Policy (National Coverage Determination 310.1). By conducting a PCSA, our clients are able to offset R & D expenses by aligning protocol procedures with routine care since these expenses are reimbursed by governmental (i.e., Medicare) or private third-party payors. 




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BENEFITS (7).jpg

Reduce per patient costs leading to a decrease in R&D expenses (2).jpg

Enhance internal operational efficiencies resulting in cost savings (3).jpg

Support routine care determinations with Medicare guidelines (2).jpg

Harmonize key study documents to reduce the need for amendments (24).png

Accelerate study start-up timelines due to improved processes




  • Participate in protocol development discussions to assist in aligning the study procedure schedule and objectives with routine care

  • Analyze draft protocol to determine if it is a qualifying clinical trial per Medicare guidelines and identify any additional cost savings

  • Develop study-specific inclusive, detailed activity grids and complete a coverage analysis of all procedures and tests outlined in the protocol by documenting routine care and research items using supporting Medicare rational for each determination

  • Review institution-specific justification of routine care to assist sponsor negotiations

  • Perform a thorough review of the clinical trial agreement, budget and sponsor informed consent documents to ensure synchronization and reduce the need for amendments


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