For Sponsors/CROs: Oncology

It has become increasingly difficult to identify clinical research sites and institutions that are willing and able to take on new in-patient and oncology studies. Both parties need help finding each other efficiently. Once you enlist the help of PharmaSeek, we make the introduction and you maintain direct access with each site for study feasibility, budget negotiation, contract negotiation, and study execution.  The industry experts at PharmaSeek ensure a highly efficient solution for your site selection needs. It's a simple model to solve the problem of site identification for your targeted study indications.


Centralized location to share study opportunities with research sites


Geographically dispersed sites across the United States


Access to world-class institutions and renowned researchers


No cost for sponsors or CROs to use the service


Trusted model created by PharmaSeek's ISN


Targeted approach to reach sites specialized in specific indications