Services for Clinical Research Sites

PharmaSeek has many years of experience in the clinical research industry. Our goal is to be a partner to research sites in order to help them achieve their vision of growth. By allowing PharmaSeek’s administrative experts to collaborate with your organization, we become an extension of your research team and together we can reach new heights.


Study Identification

Securing Opportunities

  • We have secured thousands of study opportunities for sites currently in our Network over the years

  • Our interests are always aligned with yours as we offer no long-term contracts and there are no out of pocket costs to receive study opportunities



PS Site Assist

Supporting Your Site

PharmaSeek offers a variety of tools to help support your site during the study start-up process. Our à la carte services include:

  • Contract and budget negotiations

  • CTMS study build and consulting

  • Coverage analysis

  • Site performance assessments and more

These services can be customized for the needs of your site so you can focus your patients. PS Site Assist is a comprehensive program with many layers, which are all available to you in order to support your site’s goals.

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PS Pays

Expediting Payment

PS Pays takes on the well-known issue of payment delay in the clinical research industry. With this service, high-performing sites can be paid for study activity in as little as 72 hours from the time the work was conducted. Our goal is to provide research sites with the cash-flow necessary to to run a successful research operation.



PS $Protection

Accounts Receivable

PharmaSeek offers accounts receivable and financial reporting services to sites. Our clinical research billing experts have significant experience unique to our industry. PS $Protection services were developed for sites in order to provide a comprehensive financial picture so you can make informed business decisions.

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PharmaSeek has been a great partner in facilitating our business development especially as a start up site. Their industry experience and networking opportunities have been invaluable in ensuring success for our site.
PharmaSeek has been absolutely professional, intelligent and responsive. They are truly a pleasure to work with!
PharmaSeek has always been quick to respond, friendly and easy to work with.
We have had a very positive experience with Pharmaseek. Everyone we have worked with is so patient and willing to help us!