Additional Site Services

PS Pays

PharmaSeek recognizes the issue of significant payment lag in the clinical research industry and we want to eliminate that burden for our sites. We are excited to offer PS Pays to select high-performing research sites in the PharmaSeek Network. A service that is unique to the industry, these sites not only receive study opportunities from PharmaSeek, but are also paid for their work in as little as 72 business hours instead of waiting for sponsor payments which can take up to 150 days.

This service is free for approved PS Pays sites in the PharmaSeek Network when enrolling on a PharmaSeek study. For non-PharmaSeek studies, sites have an option to utilize this service for a small portion of the study budget, with no out of pocket expense. 


• Fill in revenue gaps caused by delayed sponsor payments

• Improve cash flow and access more working capital

• Ensure financial reporting and tracking to ensure more effective business decisions

Contract and Budget Negotiations

Outsourcing contract and budget negotiations to PharmaSeek allows sites to maximize study budgets, secure additional funds not initially offered by sponsors, and limit exposure from complex contract language. On average, PharmaSeek can negotiate a high enough budget to cover the cost of our services. PharmaSeek’s seasoned negotiators are ready to take negotiations off your plate so you can focus on clinical activities and quality patient care.

Accounts Receivable

PharmaSeek offers accounts receivable services as a way for sites to adopt a consistent approach to tracking revenue and receivables, in addition to improving cash flow. Our services also allow sites to enhance reporting for better viability and to ensure more effective business decisions.